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Morgan Cacciapouti

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Tuition & Fees

Registration Rates

Registration Fee: $45.00 per family. This includes a hard copy recital DVD.

Costume Deposit: $20.00 non-refundable per student. Costume total per class is $75.00. Tights needed for recital are included.

Additional Options, Add-ons & Perks

Sibling discount: 20% off sibling, 30% off second sibling, 40% off third sibling, 50% off fourth sibling. The maximum discount is 50%.

Take a 10% discount on full price tuition for the year when the tuition is paid on or before the first day of classes.

Dancers always receive a free recital ticket in to both shows.

Dance Tuition

30 minute class: $30.00 per month

45 minute class: $45.00 per month

1 hour class: $60.00 per month

*** Add $17.00 per month for each additional class added

Unlimited dance class rate (if taking more than 8 dance classes): $180.00 per month

*** Students taking "unlimited" dance classes will receive 50% off of their theatre tuition

Acting Tuition

Acting class: $65.00 per six week session for an hour and a half class

Inspired Arts Student: $55.00 per six week session

Specialty Fees

Solo Choreography Fee: $225.00

Duo Choreography Fee: $225.00 ($112.50 for each dancer)

Trio Choreography Fee: $225.00 ($75.00 for each dancer)

Payment Schedule

  • Half due August 1st ($112.50 for a solo, $56.25 for a duo, $37.50 for a trio)
  • Balance due August 21st ($112.50 for a solo, $56.25 for a duo, $37.50 for a trio)

Specialties are required to schedule at least one 30 minute rehearsal monthly with any teacher. Fee of $20.00 per session per dancer.

Specialty rehearsals for the month should be scheduled prior to the first of each month using the sign-up sheet located at the Inspired Info Board.

Specialties may use an open room for unassisted practice at no additional charge.

Company Fees

Choreography Fees

  • Company (per group): $85.00 per dancer. A 30 minute rehearsal will be held weekly.
  • Production: $50.00 per dancer. A 30 minute rehearsal will be held weekly.
  • Tiny Training: $50.00 per dancer. A 30 minute rehearsal will be held weekly.
  • Company Rehearsal Fees will not be included with regular tuition pricing.

Costume and Prop Fees

  • All company costumes are $75.00 which will include any and all headpieces, and tights.
  • Props will be charged as needed, but we do our best to buy used and reuse items.

COVID-19 Policies

Safety Precautions

Due to the recent pandemic, there are many safety precautions that businesses have to follow to ensure the safety of their patrons. At TIAC, our student’s safety is of utmost importance to us, so this dance year is going to look a little different than previous years but exciting and fun, nonetheless. It is important to note that these rules and guidelines are subject to change as the laws and suggestions of Massachusetts change. We will continue to update and keep you informed as the guidelines change.

As we try to move towards our “new normal” at TIAC, we understand that every family has been and continues to be affected differently by the pandemic. While we strive to have our policies minimize the interruption of your dance experience while also adhering to stat regulations, we understand that these policies may not work for every family situation. Please reach out to us with your questions and concerns, and we will do our best to provide a solution.

To ensure the health and safety of the entire TIAC community, we will be enforcing all policies and procedures listed below as we return to the studio. If a family member, student, or staff member is unable or unwilling to cooperate with the policies below, they will be unable to return to The Inspired Arts Company until the policies or their decision to cooperate have changed.

We are all responsible for each other! We must remember this as we navigate through this pandemic.

FACULTY/STAFF: Responsible for executing and overseeing studio policies and adhering to state-set guidelines in and outside of work.

FAMILIES: Responsible for ensuring your family is following all state-set guidelines and following all studio rules with respect and patience for others.

STUDENTS: Responsible for understanding studio policies, following all directions given by teachers, and supporting other dancers through this new process.

The following guidelines are set to ensure the safety of our students and dance community and will require effort from everyone involved.

  • Please do not bring your child if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. Also, please do not bring your child if they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 2 weeks. (Please see class continuation plan below)
  • There will be one entrance and one exit. All students will enter the main front entrance and exit the handicap entrance located on the front, right side of the building.
  • No parents are allowed in the building. Children are to be dropped off at the front door and picked up by the handicap entrance. Parents are welcome to sit in their cars or bring lawn chairs to socialize (6-feet apart of course) on the front lawn. It is vital that students arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class and parents of children under the age of 11 must be waiting at the handicap exit by at least 5 minutes before the scheduled end of class time. If a parent runs into a problem and is not going to be able to be on time, then it is important that a call be made to the studio to let a staff member know. Their will be a staff member at the front desk.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon entering the building (weather permitting, this will be done outside of the front entrance). Anyone with a temperature of 100 or above will not be allowed to enter the building We ask parents to not leave until your child’s temperature has been taken and they have been cleared to take class.
  • Masks must be worn when entering the building, exiting the building, and when outside of the dance room. If you leave to use the restroom, you must put your mask back on. All staff are required to wear masks the entire time they are inside the building.
  • Students will be provided hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the building, as well as in between each class. We will have motion censored hand sanitizer stations set up.
  • The dance space will be marked off so that each dancer has at least a 6 foot by 6-foot space to dance in and social distance requirements will be continually enforced as well as discouraging students from touching their faces.
  • No one is allowed to use the water fountain to drink from or to fill up their water bottle. You MUST bring a water bottle from home. There will also be no eating allowed in the studio.
  • The rooms will be sanitized both before and after the kids are done dancing as well. The restrooms will be sanitized on an hourly basis.
  • There will be no use of the lockers. Students will put their bags in marked areas either on the benches in the lobby or marked areas inside of the dance room. Marked areas will be at least 6 feet apart.
  • There will be no changing inside of the studio. Student’s must arrive dressed and ready with their hair already up.
  • Students must wear shoes or socks at all times in the studio. Bare feet will not be allowed in the studio.

We are hoping to have a healthy, safe, and full dance year. Your cooperation moving forward is much appreciated and will help ensure that we can stay open. Please talk to your children before attending class to discuss the safety procedures, guidelines and rules above. Please also express the importance of keeping their hands out of their face while in the studio.

Class Continuation Plan

In the unfortunate event of another state mandated shutdown, or exposure to the virus at the studio by either students or staff, we have developed a plan to move classes to an online forum. Payment for online classes will still be expected to ensure that our faculty can still bring dance classes to you virtually. We will continue with technique and recital choreography, so we are ready to go when we are able to get back into the studio. It is important that students attend virtual classes so that they do not fall behind and will be able to participate in our annual recital.

If a student has either been exposed to COVID or has developed any symptoms, but is still well enough to participate in dance, classes will be available through an online platform. You can log into your class virtually. If you need to take advantage of this option, please let us know by 12:00 pm that day.

Come September 1st, if regulations are in place that require us to limit the amount of students in a class at one time, we will create a rotating schedule so that each student gets a chance in the classroom as often as possible. The portion of students that are not able to attend that week will log in online to livestream their class. As of the June 1st Massachusetts social distancing COVID guidelines, our studios would be able to accommodate normal class sizes.

Again, if you have any concerns regarding the above procedures, please email the studio at



Please do not park in front of the main entrance. The entire parking lot is available behind the building.


There is one main entrance located just around the corner by the ramp. Please use this entrance only. Follow the signs up to the studio. There is another entrance/exit that will be used for emergencies only.

Dance Rooms

There are 3 dance rooms located off the long hallway. Please take street shoes off before entering the hallway.


Our classes run parallel to an academic school year with an annual recital in June. At the time of registration we ask that you secure your spot with a payment of $25.00 and a $20.00 non-refundable costume deposit.


Monthly tuition is due by the 1st of the month. If your tuition is not paid by the 5th of each month, your account will be charged a $25.00 late fee. If your account is not paid by the 10th we will charge the credit or debit card that we have on file. *Unless you choose to "Opt Out," in which case you will need to speak with the office. You may pay at our front desk or put your tuition in an envelope and place it in the white box that we have right inside the office door. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. If you decide to pay by credit card there will be a $3.00 transaction fee. There is a $25.00 fee on all returned checks.

Recital & Costumes

At the end of each year we showcase the talents of all of our students in a show held at a local auditorium sometime in June. Date: T.B.A. once the school calendar is complete. Each class will be required to purchase a costume for the show.

Recital Costume Fee Due Date

All costumes must be paid in full by November 1st. If the balance is not paid, costumes will not be ordered. We order costumes very early in the year due to a slow production/delivery time. Most costumes are made to order and cannot be ordered late. We will not order partial classes due to costumes becoming unavailable when materials are out of stock. For this reason anyone who has not paid for their costume on time will not be allowed to participate in the recital.

Payment plan formula A $20.00 deposit is due at registration. Multiply the number of dances times $75.00 - $20.00 ÷ 3 = monthly payment.
Costume payments are made in September, October, and November. This is a breakdown of monthly payments per dancer:

  • 1 costume - monthly payment = $18.33
  • 2 costumes - monthly payment = $43.33
  • 3 costumes - monthly payment = $68.33
  • 4 costumes - monthly payment = $93.33
  • 5 costumes - monthly payment = $118.33
  • 6 costumes - monthly payment = $143.33

Costume Ordering

We will measure your dancer in November and size them for their recital costume. Teachers and the Office manager will double check sizes, but we ask that you please triple check the sizes before we order. If you choose to exchange a costume for any reason, you are responsible for the shipping and restocking fees.

Recital Costume

Any student interested in joining a Competition Team or Performance Team may inquire about details at the Office.


We are not responsible for any classes missed due to weather. If we need to cancel a class due to any other reason we will offer a make-up. Dancers may attend another class if you would like them to make up any classes missed. Please email us if you need a class suggestion.


We encourage all dancers to be on time and attend all classes. A phone call or an email is appreciated if you will not be attending class. There will be no refunds if your child misses a class.

Pick Up/Drop Off

Please notify the front desk if you will be late. Also, notify us if someone other than a parent will be picking up your child. Dancers must be dropped off or picked up within 10 minutes of their class time. We are not responsible for watching your child before or after class, but if you are running late please let us know, and we can set them up in the office for your arrival.

Waiting Room

Please be considerate of your surroundings. Please clean up after yourselves/children. Dancers can place school bags and jackets on the hooks in the lobby. Bring your dance bag in the dance room with you. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our studio looking new and clean.

Parent Information

All necessary paperwork and upcoming information is now located in the lobby. Updates will be on the blackboards.


There will be no street shoes allowed down the hallway. In addition, dancers must remain in the lobby until their class is called in.

Shoes, etc.

Please remove all shoes before entering the studio. We provide a place right outside the lobby for shoes, jackets, etc.

Dance Shoes

Dance shoes should only be worn while class is in session. Please label your child's dance shoes and attire with your child's initials.

Lost and Found

The studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. We have placed a lost and found in the office.

Food and Drink

Dancers may bring a water bottle into class. Please do not give your child soda or anything fizzy. No Food, Candy, Gum, Soda, allowed in the dance rooms.

Cell Phones

We do not allow cell phones in the classrooms. You are paying for your dancer(s) to learn. Checking messages can be a distraction during class. Please tell your child to adhere to this policy as it is in their best interests.


Please have your child's hair up for dance class. Ballet dancers should wear their hair in a tight fitting bun. Acrobatics students should wear their hair in side ponytails or a French-braid/double French braid for an easier time tumbling over the back of their heads/neck.

Dress Code

It is very important to the teachers and other students in the class that everyone dress appropriately for dance class. Dancers often come into the studio without the proper tights/leotards/shoes/hair elastic/etc... While we realize most students come directly from school, 99.9% of students are prepared. We hope you will assist students in packing the night before to allow a stress-free transition from school to dance. We always tell the students to be prepared. Please help them be more responsible for themselves, too! Students like to pass the blame onto parents (It's always your fault, right?! ?) but we try to hold the students more accountable, too!

Peek Week

Our Peek Week is held every December. Parents are invited into the classroom to view their child's progress. Most parents bring cameras, video cameras, friends and family to watch. Children under 18 will not allowed in the dance rooms during Peek Week because the students are often distracted easily.

Picture Day

Each year the studio holds a picture day in which your child may come in and get their picture taken in their recital costumes. We do a class picture as well as two individual poses. Cost is free to be photographed, yet if you wish to purchase photos you will be required to purchase a package with the photographer. This is a great opportunity for parents to practice how to style hair, apply make-up, adjust costumes and headpieces.

Recital Tickets

Tickets go on sale about a month before the recital each year. Tickets must be purchased before the show to receive a discounted price. Seating is first come, first served. There really isn't a bad seat in the house! Please remember that this is a dance recital and not The Beatles so be courteous to others when selecting seats before the show. Ticket Sales are CASH ONLY. Dancers have free entry as long as they have a stamp on their hand. There will designated seating for them so they can sneak in and out between their numbers.

Adding a Class

You may add as many classes as you want before December 1st. Adding a class after this date will result in the student not participating in the recital with those specific class/classes.

Withdrawing From A Class

If your child wishes to withdraw from a class you will be charged for the class until we are notified by a parent of the withdrawal. You must withdraw from class/classes before Dec 1st. If the dancer withdraws after this date, you will be responsible for the cost of the costume and may have to let another dancer BORROW the costume to take your child's place in the recital dance.

Class Placement

We place students in classes based upon age, ability, and level. If we feel your child could benefit from moving into a different class we will contact you to make changes.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

Please let us know if there are any issues with your dancer. We cannot address them if we do not know about them! Communication is a must! Please let the Office know if you would like to speak to a teacher. During class time (and between classes) we cannot speak with parents because we feel that it's important to start classes on time, but set up a time that is most convenient with you and we will schedule a meeting.

Bring A Buddy To Dance Week (September)

We invite our students to bring a pal to class for the entire week. No limit to the number of classes they bring a friend to, but we ask that you bring a friend that is close in age!

Performing In The Recital

Your account must be paid in full in order to perform in the recital. We bill May and June together so that accounts do not fall behind. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dress Code

Music & Movement and Pre-School Programs

Girls wear any style leotard & pink, tan, or black tights, and any color ballet shoes, jazz shoes, or tap shoes. Pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes with ties, barefoot for jazz, depending on which class(es) your dancer takes for the year.

* Most families find that they can easily get away with hand-me-downs or find cheaper used shoes online for class time. For the recital we ask that you purchase the appropriate color and style so that everyone matches. Young children can go through two pairs of shoes during the year. To cut costs we ask that you buy recital shoes around May to allow the kids to break them in.

Youth Program

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro: Girls wear any style leotard & pink, tan, or black tights, and any color ballet shoes, jazz shoes, or tap shoes. We ask that students keep their hair in a pony-tail or bun. Boys wear black shorts or athletic pants, t-shirt, any color shoes.

Hip-Hop: We are not as strict for this class. Students can wear shorts, capri pants, T-shirts that are tight-fitting, "spaghetti-strap" camisoles, etc.

Core Program

Ballet, Tap, Jazz: Black or solid color leotards are suggested (styles: camisole, cap, short or long sleeved preferred with pink (ballet), tan, or black tights. Please be sure to purchase a leotard that covers a bra if worn. Please no undergarments are to show under leotards. Hair must be in a bun for ballet classes. Hair secured away from the face and neck for all other classes.

Hip-Hop: Baggy, comfortable clothing. No jeans, crop tops or bare midriffs. Hair - make sure hair is up away from neck and face.

Acro: Please wear dance attire. No baggy clothing or jewelry. Hair secured away from the face and neck.

Miscellaneous dance clothing: *Plain black bootie shorts or tight-fitting shorts are allowed for ballet, jazz, tap, and modern.
*Jazz pants are allowed for jazz and tap.


  • Ballet: Pink leather split-sole ballet slippers with elastics knotted and trimmed.
  • Tap: Tap shoe color and style will be decided by teacher.
  • Jazz: Jazz shoe style and color will be decided by teacher.
  • Modern: Students can choose to go bare foot or wear half-soles or paws for classroom work.
  • Hip-Hop: Any black low-rise hip hop sneaker or barefoot.
  • Acro: Please have students go barefoot.

Recital Shoes/Miscellaneous

For each class we try to maintain consistency regarding colors:

  • Tan shoes for tap and jazz
  • Pink ballet shoes/pink tight
  • Bare foot or sneakers for hip-hop

We like to keep colors the same each year so that our parents and students can pass things down to save on money, however we leave the decision up to the instructor, who ultimately has the final say, on costume, tights color, shoe color, hair style, hair accessories, props, etc. All final decisions regarding these items will be made in early October when costume selections are due.

Pre-Teen Modern


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